About Us

About Spirit and Life Lighters

   For 40 years now, I have been in love with the 'words in red' - the words spoken by Jesus my Savior, Lord and Friend.  These words have determined the path and purpose of my life and now I feel is the time for me to share some of the treasures I have discovered and from which I have profited.

   Through the years I have found lots of different, creative ways to sow Good Seed, feed His sheep and teach His commands.  Collectively they are called Spirit and Life Lighters. It is my passion to let others know from what Jesus has said and done FOR TO REALLY KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM.

   At Spirit and Life Lighters, you will find many ways to feed your faith and to bless those you know and some you don't with Love Letters, booklets, puzzles, games yard signs and other new ideas as they come along.  It is my heart's desire that you may be:

  • Enlightened by what Jesus really said (and did not say)
  • Encouraged as you realize that He has been and is where you are so you can
  • Experience the reality of His bearing your anxieties and pain as well as sharing His overcoming power that always leads to victory!